February Haul & TBR

You guys! January is over, winter is in full swing in the American Midwest (looking at you Polar Vortex), I am falling behind on posting reviews (oops!) and I royally overestimated how long February is when I bought/requested a bunch of books to read. Here is my (hopeful) list of reads for February.

Advanced Reader Copies

My ARC backlog is long but luckily all the books are coming out one a month or all in the summer (I really need to get started on those…).

I was so excited when I received an advanced copy of The Murder on the Rocks from Panther Publishing along with an invitation to participate in their upcoming book tour! This Welsh cozy comes out on March 1, 2019 so be on the lookout for all the upcoming blog tour reviews!

Why I am so excited about it:

  • A modern cozy with a bit of suspense
  • A novel with LGBT+ characters
  • New release from a new publisher
  • I am part of the release book tour (I can be excited for myself too right?)

New Releases

I never used to buy new books to be honest. I never really knew what was new and exciting in the world of books until I started engaging more in the wonderful world of book bloggers. Now I have a list of new releases and I am so excited for 2019!

What’s better than a highly anticipated crime novel? A highly anticipated crime novel by a queer author! I have seen so much buzz about Death Prefers Blondes that I was itching for it to come out.

Why I am so excited about it:

  • Cat burglars!!
  • Kickboxing dragqueens!
  • LGBT+ author and characters
  • I mean just look at that cover how can I not be excited


I happened to go on a wild shopping spree in December and pre-ordered a hefty list of books for the first half of 2019. What I didn’t really pay much attention to was the fact that three of those books come out in February (oh why must it be the shortest month…)

I know we are not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover but when I saw Death in Province‘s cover on Serena Kent’s twitter I could not resist myself. It may also have something to do with my chronic weakness for cozies…

Why I am so excited about it:

  • The MC sounds fantastic (a retired forensic investigator
    divorcee ready to live her own life in France? Heck yess!)
  • A cozy in sunny France sounds so fun
  • It sounds like a clever and lighthearted little read 

I honestly could have waited to buy Stalker until I read the rest of the Joona Linna series but I could not resist it. So this is one of those books I will get the warm an fuzzies about having but won’t touch for month to come…

Why I am so excited about it:

  • I can’t stop thinking about how much buzz the latest Lars Kepler books generate on the interwebs (I am just so curious about what the excitement is about)

I have been seeing a lot of excitement over The Hunting Party on Twitter the beginning of February so I was so happy with myself that I pre-ordered it.

Why I am so excited about it:

  • One of my favorite Agatha Christie short stories is The Three Blind Mice so anything involving a snowed in closed circle mystery is my jam
  • A little bit of murder, a little bit of psychological suspense, what’s there not to like
  • Anything described as an intersection of Agatha Christie, Tana French and Ruth Ware cannot be anything but excellent right?

Book of the Month Club

So… My Book of the Month Club backlist is as long as my arm but we won’t mention that because it’s February and my body is ready for their amazing selection.

I usually switch my Book of the Month selection between historical fiction and thriller/mystery. Their thriller selection the past few months has been great so I immediately jumped on The Winter Sister .  

Why am I so excited about it:

  • BoM team boasts that this book completes the magical trifecta: believable characters, a hefty dose of suspense, and a story that keeps you guessing till the end
  • Creepy puzzle? Um yes please!


I restarted my Audible subscription in January because I hit a huge creative slump at work. It’s been really nice to dive into a good story while I have to do something monotonous…

Out has been at the top of my TBR pile ever since I started the Year of the Asian 2019 challenge.

Why I am so excited about it:

  • Characters pushed into drastic action by their circumstances
  • Female friendships in time of crisis
  • A cat and mouse chase between experienced detectives and inexperienced (and desperate) criminals
  • Female author exploring female motivations
  • Gangster stuff (Yakuza)

What are you excited about reading this February? Did any of these titles make it onto your TBR list?

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